Ellen Wasilewski

   Ellen's Healing Garden

What can we do together?

Custom Handmade healing drums. Contact me for prices. Infused with healing energy and animal spirit! Help design your own drum!

​​​First, I will interview you to help determine what would be best for you and how I might help you. In Eating Psychology Coaching, I may be doing straight coaching. For Energy Healing work, I will use my intuition to determine the state of your energy field. In our session, I may either work with you using coaching and/or energy work. You may be asked to lay on a massage table fully clothed. I will use hand placements to help move energy through your body to remove blockages. This has been shown to improve health and reduce pain.

​​​​I will educate you on what you can do to help yourself between our sessions.

I also offer sessions on Skype, oovoo or Google+

 registered nurse since 1971

My new healing crystal bowls. Sound healing is very therapeutic for the body, mind and soul! Allow me to demonstrate this for you.     I guarantee you will be moved! 

What can you expect?

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