About Ellen Wasilewski

As a child, I was very shy. I was not empowered by my parents. I spent a lot of time in nature with animals and plants. I became very connected to the Earth. I did not socialize well with others and had very few friends.

As I got older, I realized that to improve my life I would need to learn to be more sociable. I became a registered nurse so that I could work with people. I chose to work with psychiatric patients. I felt that I could be helpful to people with psychological issues.

I married when I graduated from the University. It wasn’t long before I realized that my husband had a severe drinking problem and was very controlling. I was resentful because I felt that he was treating me unfairly and I felt trapped in the marriage. I worked and supported my family of five on my salary because my husband refused to work for many years.

I worked as a head nurse in a psychiatric hospital. My life was stressful. This became critical when my father died in 2010.  I began looking for ways to reduce the stress and anxiety in my life. I turned to Spirituality. I learned that I had closed off my heart as a means of protecting myself. I began working on myself and learned that I needed to forgive myself as well as those who had hurt me. Forgiveness has allowed me to open my heart and release my anger. The most important thing that I learned was to love myself. After that I was set free to love others and in turn to help others learn to live the best life they can live.