With a lifetime of unexplained pain and chronic autoimmune illness I’ve been to so many doctors. I have spent a lot of money on a variety of medications that had more side effects than benefits and they only helped with symptoms.  No one ever focused on stopping the root cause. After years they diagnosed it as fibromyalgia and there wasn’t much they knew about it; they sent me on my way. I had no answers and too many questions.

I also have degenerative discs in my lower back and neck. Sometimes leaving me unable to walk, Two surgeries later some heartbreak and toxic relationships Phibromyalgia flares renderied  me exhausted and useless. I was not happy and I could not put up with it anymore. I knew there had to be more, something better, something I could do differently to heal myself.  I removed myself from a bad relationship and started focusing on me.

My great uncle passed away and I realized how much he did for other people and how happy that made him; so I decided I was going to help myself by helping others. I came across an ad to volunteerfor energy healing work, my first internal thoughts were “seriously? Can this be real, this is too good to be true, this is exactly what I needed my life right now.” I believe the cliché that everything happens for a reason. It was meant to be, I had to reply.

I’ll admit I was a little nervousbut as I was pulling up to the house and taking in the beautiful gardens I was put at ease instantly. Ellen explained about her story and from day one, I really felt I could trust her and she genuinely wanted to help me. A complete stranger so welcoming and comforting it was refreshing. During our sessions she used Tibetan bowls and they make beautiful sounds that vibrate deep within your being, I couldn’t help but smile each time and just soak up the feeling.

She introduced me to meditation and that has helped me tremendously to relax and think more clearly. I looked forward to each appointment with her and some days, the days when I felt so tired and achy and I just thought that I couldn’t make the drive; I would force myself to go and was glad each time as I knew those were the days I needed it the most.
The whole experience is quite unlike any other, relaxing yet uplifting all the same time. I cried a few times and release some things I didn’t even know I was holding onto. I started journaling again inspired by Ellen and it is wonderful for the mind. I had closed my heart off after a toxic relationship, I was angry and not my loving self I used to know. The whole process has helped me to grow and open back up. I love things again. I love me again.

Ellen has opened my eyes to a whole new way of being and I couldn’t thank her more for that. I have done a lot of reading and research and continue to make positive changes daily. I have talked to family and friends about the experience and really enjoyed talking about it with others. I finally feel like I’m on the right path and I’m so overwhelmingly grateful for meeting Ellen and the new world she has introduced me to; a happier world. Thank you isn’t powerful enough to express my gratitude.

Sincerely, Jennifer P.

I have been a client of Ellen for about three months. She has been very dedicated and professional in all of our meetings. Her energy work is very relaxing and uplifting. She was very good at coaching and training in any of the various options available to help improve my situation. I would highly recommend her as a very dedicated and sincere professional.

Larry A. (MS sufferer)